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I had a lot of problems with this novel, mostly as a EC-fan who felt they were sidelined to the overall story other than to make the Iron Warriors look like the straight arrow guy reacting to crazy shit, all IW are re-used characters from previous 40k stories (except one) which in some cases were fun to see their origins, it also limited the narrative and universe and removed all stakes as we already know what will happen to them. Perturabo was well-written, but it didn't fit the time period. It would be great for his Primarch-novella in the new spinn-off series they'v started, but during the Heresy he should be fitter as [email protected]*k. The loyalist served no purpose which took away screen-time where we could have seen interaction between Perturabo and Fulgrim and build their relation, Fulgrim was so obviously gonna backstab Perturabo it hurt to read. I would have preferred if he was able to mask his intentions for Perturabo but we as the audience could see it coming. Also how McNeill screwed with the background lore of Lucius first death.

I give this novel roughly 4/10 I believe.
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