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Brynnjarr swore as he instinctively jumped farther away from the flamer blast, blinking tears from his eyes. Where the five rebels had been rushing into the melee was a handful of smoldering screaming corpses. This was further punctuated by the shrieking snaps of the Valkyrie’s multilaser, all but shredding many of the oncoming rioters.

“Throne of the emperor, so much for non-lethal force” Brynnjarr shouted as he hit the dirt. Several moments later the order which Brynnjarr scoffed so much at was rescinded by the boss himself. With most of the rioters in the immediate vicinity incapacitated Brynjarr reasoned that it was time to join the others. “Saul, Farkas lets regroup with Kharis and the other fire team” he said over the squad channel. From his position on the ground Brynjarr proceeded to give what was left of the rioters the emperor’s benediction taking shots at those that had managed to survive the multilaser volley. Two went down before he crouched upwards and began making his way toward the other fire team.

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