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Originally Posted by Hellathos View Post
When I get home from work I'll post a picture of the paint's I used in order of layer with some notes. Thanks for the compliment!

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I used this range of paint's adding 1/1 ratios stepping from color to color after the initial base. Most was airbrushed and then the ghost tint was added to the armor plating last after...

...applying a base color and layers to the bear fur using this range in the same ratio fashion I applied the armor, but with my lightest layer of a creamy brown I purposefully over sprayed sparsely along areas of the edges of armor plating so that they would appear more yellow in the crevasses, rather than just orange, in order to give a nice smooth transition to the orange.

If you would like to see it being painted you can search Twitch for the user name 'Hellathos' and look at my recent videos. It was painted wholly on stream

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