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The valkyrie's screaming engines suddenly increased in pitch as the craft ascended and tilted into a downward firing position. The sight of Saul and Atlas taking the lethal option had apparently been enough to encourage the pilot to do the same. Kharis swore loudly as the multilaser opened up and spat a volley of las fire into the handful of rioters too slow to reach melee range in time. The Tempestor ducked the ogryn's next swing and retreated a few steps before loosing a quick flurry of hellpistol shots into the brute's face. It roared and tried to charge again, but now blinded by the wounds the soldier had inflicted, it was easy pickings. Thar far superior combatant, Kharis swept his blade through the ogryn's legs, dropping it to the ground and impaling his glowing sword through the back of its neck before it could even attempt to right itself.

Making a quick survey of the operation, Kharis conceded that they were past the point of no return. The rioters showed no signs of relenting and even the arbites in the next block sector were beginning to retreat back towards the palace behind them.
"All units, engage!" He barked, lifting his pistol up and firing kill shots into the next two rebels. With a hand gesture, he signalled the fire team alongside him to retreat towards the other half of the squad. They were about five minutes running time from the palace gate and not many rioters had made it that far. The only thing that would slow their pace was assisting the wounded...

** ** **

The firepower of three gunships made the trek far safer than it would have been, and both squads were making the final approach in short order. Resistance had been minimal this close to the palace, but that wouldn't be the case for long.
"This is Tempestor Kharis requesting the gate be opened!" Kharis bellowed into his vox. "We have wounded incoming, we need the gate open now!"
"I need an authentication code!" Came the panicked reply, clearly a young officer too green for such an important role in the palace security.

The sound of another missile being launched grabbed everyone's attention. The trail of smoke placed the origin of the firer clearly in the city streets about half a kilometre away and his target was another one of the Scion valkyries. The craft banked just in time to avoid a direct collision but was still heavily damaged on one of its wings and began veering off course.
"Zephyr Escort, respond!" Kharis called.
"Damage to one wing thruster, Sir!" The pilot answered. "I'm executing an emergency landing, I'll link up with you inside!"
"Dammit..." Kharis growled. The gates behind the troopers began to open slowly, enormous plascrete walls lumbering apart and the Tempestor of Squad Thunder ordered his squad inside.
"You're all clear to..." The gate operator's voice was cut short as the sounds of thundering footsteps reached them.
"Throne..." Kharis cursed. Two power lifters lumbered into view, servo arms stained with the blood of arbites and scorch marks from las fire marring their forward armour plating.

All: You're a mere dozen paces from the gate, but it will never close in time if you go through now. You have to get rid of these walkers if you want to keep the palace secure.

Saul, Dwah: Your flamers won't do enough to stop the walkers, and your squadmates won't be able to get close to them if they're on fire. For the time being your weapons are useless, unless you can think of something drastic.

Everyone else: Much like the flamers, your conventional hellgun rounds won't pierce the power lifters' armour plating. This leaves your options severely limited, as getting too close to them means certain death. Unfortunately it may be your only option as the only thing in your arsenal that can bring these down is your krak grenades.

Unless something more drastic arises...

Nonsense is our Salvation

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