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Tobias watched the black-armored giant walk back up the rubble into the ruined building where Jacques' guts were still scattered about. He thought of several things to say, but couldn't form any fully enough to actually voice the words. Ridiculously lucky? He couldn't fully admit that. He would be dead right now. He couldn't quite get himself to say that definitively, either. Something about how massive and inspiring the warrior was? Well, that was obvious and didn't need to be said.

He and Elias only shared a look. For the first time in a long time, Tobias wasn't quite sure what his brother's face was telling him. He figured it likely that the same mixture of thoughts were running through his own mind, so there was nothing definitive on Elias's lips, eyes, and forehead to read.

'Greetings off-worlders. Thanks for the help. I'm sorry about your friend.' One of the PDF troopers had come down the rubble, passing the Marine. He had walked right up to the pair of Elysians without hesitating, lighting up an Iho stick and offering one in turn. As the man stood there with his hand out, Tobias looked over his short, curly black hair and beard and couldn't help but feel like he had known him from somewhere. He had famliar look to him, but Tobias shook it off knowing it wasn't possible, as his brother kindly turned down the offer.

'Thank you, friend,' Elias said stiffly. 'That's a filthy habit.'

'Maybe, but at this rate we'll all be dead by dawn, so I doubt it'll matter' replied the trooper, wryly.

'Fug it, my whole squad just died.' said Tobias, taking the Iho stick in a hurry, before the trooper could withdraw his hand, who continued the conversation.

'If you don't mind my asking, is that...' gesturing towards the building, just as the gleaming black warplate of the Astartes disappeared within, '...what I think it is?'

'The Angel? Aye.' Tobias lit the Iho Stick, and took in a long drag. Blowing the smoke out overhis lips he rolled his eyes over the sky above. 'You might be dead by Dawn,' he nods his head curtly. 'I won't be.'

Elias laughed, and shook his head, 'Don't worry, I'll look after you. If the Orks come, I'll give you the Emperor's Mercy.'

Tobias chuckled at this, taking a step back and seeming to purposefully look at everything but the trooper.

'I appreciate the offer...' he said, his tone still slightly jovial, but his eyes searched Elias's face to see if he was joking or not. '...but I think you might have to beat the Angel to it.' The trooper took another draw from his lho. 'An Angel of the Emperor. We're not fit to lick his boots. No wonder he regards us as vermin.'

Tobias wasn't sure if the trooper had decided to simply continue the conversation by himself or if he as still addressing them.

Tobias stared up toward the ruined building that the Space Marine walked into, and decided to give the man the benefit of his doubt for a moment, 'Emperor knows how the hell he ended up here the same time as us. I guess that's why we call them angels.' He looked at the trooper again, pushing his lasgun up more securely on his shoulder. 'Don't grovel to him.' he said further.

'He's in the same boat as us,' Elias said. 'And it's sinking.'

'Well, pray tell, what are the names of my crew-mates on this damned voyage?'

Tobias cocked an eyebrow.

Elias kicked the turf and extended a gloved hand out. 'Elias,' He smirked. 'But you can call me sir.'

Elias said it jokingly, but Tobias didn't catch on, or didn't particularly care either way.

'Just call me Corporal. We'll all be dead by dawn, anyway.' There was no light hearted humor in his tone. He was serious about the title, and spiteful in his mockery.

Elia's quick hand smacked upside his head. He had taken his helmet off while making sure the orks were dead, now wishing he hadn't. He flicked the Iho stick and held a hand to his reddening ear, scowling at his brother. Being in their adult prime hadn't changed them much, apparently.

'That's Tobias, my brother,'

'I'm Alec..." said the trooper, finishing his lho, dropping the stub to the floor and grinding it under-foot as he continued, '...and whatever your ranks actually are, I'd wager they're a damn sight higher than mine anyhow and I'd say that puts you at the helm of this ship, after him..." he'll say, cocking his head, indicating the Space Marine once more.

'The Angel says we have to burn all of these beasts.' said Tobias, still scowling.

'I'll make a start piling bodies then.'

'Not yet. Get a group of troopers together to come outside the wall with me. We need to get Promethium from the wrecks, and burn the bodies outside, too.'

After a moment to let the plan sink in, he turned to his kin and fellow Elysian, 'Are you coming with me, Elias?'

'I'll stay here,' the elder brother said. 'Get the rest of this rabble together...try to fix the breach. Watch yourself, Tobias.'

'Right, onto the chores then.' Tobias concluded.

"I'll grab that big guy on top and two others. With the Angel staying with you, sir, I'd wager that's fair….’ Tobias heard Alec saying, but he and Elias were already wandering off in separate directions, and neither of them bothered to turn back around.

All dialogue provided by players, of course.

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