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Default The Dust Settles

Dominous walked down from the wall and found a place to sit on some rubble, he fished through his uniform till he found a rag which he proceeded to use to clean his face and beard, which had flecks of green xeno blood in it. After wiping the blood off he went about cleaning his gun with that same rag, he began to disassemble it, treating it like he would any engine or generator, or other machine he use to work on, cleaning the parts. He took out a bit of oil, standard issue for stubber upkeep, and got to cleaning and oiling the parts. He hadn't worked with stubbers much while he was an Officer in the local Arbites, more used to his own shotgun than fully auto-weapons. The PDF training had only covered weapon maintenence a bit, however Krassus had always been a fast learner with all things mechanical, he never bothered with chants or 'rites' as he worked on things, as it didn't seem to help the task at all, so he figured it was just some sort of propaganda by the tech weirdos, similar to the Ecclesiarchy's own brand of useless mumbling.

He let his mind wander as he finished cleaning the weapon and making sure it was reassembled and loaded, he looked over to the group that had formed around what he could obviously tell now was one of the legendary steel angels of The Emperor of Man, he was impressed with the massive armored soldier's combat ability, that impressed him. However all the garbage he had heard in his youth did not accurately portray what he saw before him, this was no angel, their was no glowing aura of the Emperor's presence or wings for that matter. It just confirmed for him that there was a lot of hyperbole in everything he had ever heard from any authority that wasn't his peers.

The group that had formed around this massive armor soldier, the Astartes, had a few other more professional looking soldiers, much better equipped than his fellow PDF. He wondered where they had come from, they had been in the building it seems, but for how long. He couldn't tell what they were saying but he could only guess that they were trying to make a plan for what to do next, and probably what to do with what remained of this PDF platoon. He sighed as he checked his ammo reserves, he was okay for now but it would be nice to get more ammo, probably man-stopper rounds for the armored orks and some shredder rounds for the softer ones. If he could get some better munitions it would greatly help in making the heavystubber effective with this strange enemy. He still wished he had his custom shotty, he bet a solid slug from it hit harder than this stubber ever could.

He sat and waited to see what the group of soldiers and the Astartes would want from them. He smirked to himself as he thought of his youth when he had played pretend with his friend about being Angels of the Emperor, it seemed ridiculous now, especially seeing one in person, a thing made for war, he preferred his old life instead, though it was gone now. He seemed to have that in common with the power armored soldier, their life was only war now.

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