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Originally Posted by Tha Tall One View Post
Hey LotN,

I'm interested, and would like to buy your code for the price you want, but I've never worked with such a code before. Therefore, I wonder why it doesn't work for you, and why it then would work for me. Could you explain that a little?
Actually Tall One I have managed to get a refund from Game today, so the code is no longer for sale. Turns out they were lying through their teeth when they said a digital download was irrefundable, they are for fourteen days after purchase or release so long as they aren't used. A friend told me that, I called Game and had to explain the Terms and Conditions to one of their employees, madness, and i've gotten my refund.

It wouldn't work for me because I don't trust data. The code was fine, I just don't do digital only games when I have a choice otherwise. I had a friend who had a Steam account with lots of games on, it was deleted by accident by the admins somehow and they wouldn't replace his games because he couldn't prove which games he had on an account that no longer existed. And I myself have had to reboot my laptop twice in the last four years, and each time I lost files that I can never get back and information that is no lost because I no longer remember it.

So I just don't trust owning data with no physical outlet. Hence why I backup ALL my files onto a portable hard drive now, and I only buy physical games. (The only exceptions to this rule in all my years being Battlefleet Gothic and Mordheim because no CD version of these games exist.)

Thanks for the interest guys. Sorry I couldn't actually offer you anything.


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