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I clicked on Meduson fully expecting to say my usual response when another BL "limited edition" is released and I see what it contains. What is that response you ask? It's just two words. "Fuck off." But to my pleasant surprise I didn't say that when I read what Meduson contains. For starters it's 368 pages which is a bit less than the standard HH novel yes, but it 350+ pages beats the 120-170 pages of the novella range and the so-called "novels" like Tallarn: Ironclad. Then it contains two audio dramas included, at first I thought "They must be tack-ons, short audios like the Christmas advent stuff." No! They are full audio dramas, one of which is already available at 15, and one which isn't out yet and will no doubt be 15 on its own when it is.

This is actually a very good deal and one I consider worth the price. Which is why I bought it, and like you Doelago I am quite happy with what i've purchased. One HH novel that will no doubt be 20 when it's released normally, or perhaps 18 if the fans are lucky, and two audios that would be/are 15 on their own. So essentially i've bought a novel that contains a new story that wasn't included in the initial release and an audio drama, and gotten another audio-drama months ahead of general release for free!

Hell even if Meduson is 15, a bargain for a hardback HH novel that actually deserves the appellation novel, its still cheaper buying this version than it would be getting Meduson, Grey Talon and The Either separately in their normal versions by 10. So this was a definite buy for me.

Well done BL, these are the sorts of deals that you should be offering more often. In fact I encourage as much of the HH readerbase as I can to buy this version of Meduson so that we can show BL what kind of Limited editions we really want.


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