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Atlas gazed around the Valkyrie and listened to the hum of the engines. He noted that the starboard engine was at a slightly higher pitch than the port side and you could occasionally hear a grinding noise. He made a mental note to report that to the techpriests when they returned. Knowing how quickly this operation was drawn up, they probably had not had chance to finish repairs he concluded. He knew the pilot wouldn’t, he was what Atlas liked to call a “Fair weather”, knowing how to fly the thing is one thing, but knowing how to maintain your aircraft to keep it in the air is something completely different.

Atlas zoned back into reality as the Valkyrie shuddered and keenly listened to the Tempestor Prime’s orders.
“…Lethal force only if necessary”

He chuckled to himself. ‘That won’t sit well with Brynnjarr’ Atlas said quietly to himself.

Sure enough, Brynnjarr made his feelings clear on the matter. Atlas sunk back into his harness and began his pre-engagement ritual of reciting a prayer to the Emperor he had learnt as a boy. He found it helped focus his mind on the task ahead. Deep down he knew combat provided him no joy, he would be far happier in the depos working on the equipment and vehicles. But the will of the Emperor must always come first before the wants of his servants, and if that means he has to slay mutants, aliens and heretics, so be it.

"Thunder Squad Valkyrie is hit! We're going down in Sector Gamma Niner, southeast of the palace location! Requesting assistance!"

Atlas stopped mid verse and a cold shiver went down his spine. He tried to remember the pilot that was transporting Thunder squad. He couldn’t recall the name or a face, which was odd. Atlas always made a point to memorise names of vehicle crews, you never knew when knowing someone who could pilot you out of trouble would come in handy.

He felt the Valkyrie bank and returned to his preparations. The descent to the drop zone was very sudden, almost catching Atlas off guard when the ramp opened.
“Well would you look at that! They’ve decided to throw us a welcoming party!” Atlas muttered under his breath, as bullets ricocheted off the hull of the Valkyrie.

He followed Kharis around the right flank of Valkyrie, dust obscuring his vision slightly as it took off to provide them with supporting fire. As he gazed across the drop zone he realised these insurgents were well armed, and they were angry.

“And me without my party hat”


The sound made Atlas turn sharply in time to see a Scion fall to his knee. It was clear a stray bullet had managed to bypass his armoured plates and had forced him to drop. Time appeared to slow as Atlas surveyed the situation. The scion tried to pick himself up but his wound appeared to severe for him to continue the fight.

‘Wound is not fatal, but requires urgent attention.’ Atlas concluded, as he turned back to the melee ahead of him. Two rioters, seeing their opertunity, surged forward towards the wounded man, intent on finishing what they started.

‘These are civilians, intimidation before fatalities wherever possible’

‘No’ thought Atlas, ‘these are not civilians, they have taken up arms against the agents of Imperium.
These are traitors to the Emperor, and there is only one way to deal with traitors’
Atlas took aim with his hellgun and unleashed controlled bursts into the rioters.

“Only the faithful live this day!”
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