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Originally Posted by scscofield View Post
I think it is fine as is if there is no IP issues.

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Originally Posted by Euphrati View Post
I know the far right IG part of the image is from a GW book cover, so it would be subject to GW/artist IP. I am not sure about the fantasy imagery (and I agree it is odd to have AOS/WFB stuff as such a majority of the banner on a site that is mainly 30/40k).

The biggest problem that you are going to run into- as I have been taking a quick search of the copyrights- is the fact that GW holds IP on just about any and all imagery related to its games: chaos icons, imperial eagles, astartes, imperial guard, fantasy stuff, etc down the line.

So, just about anything the site uses relating to GW products will be a risk of IP, unless the image in question is used with permission. There is a little bit of wiggle room, but not much.
Thanks for the info guys, creative is pretty good with this stuff but I will update them and try to get another mock up. We can always update it down the road.

The priority is getting the site converted to kill these bugs.

Jeff M
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