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Liam; The Ork stumbles two steps to the side and then abruptly falls to the ground seemingly dead. Relief floods over you, both upon realizing there are no more Orks and because you managed to kill one of the aliens.

Alec, Liam, Dom, Hal, Jakon, Zachariah; With the last of the Orks dead, the sudden lack of noise feels strange and discomforting. At any moment you feel like the fighting could start up again, much like how the attack on the haulers had been so sudden and without warning.

[How do you react to the silence and aftermath of everything that has gone on? Jakon, when you hit the ground you saw that it was Liam who killed the Ork, the same individual you had nearly been responsible for leaving outside to die. Hal, for all life has thrown at you and despite your views of the world, the words of the hulking space marine still put fear in your soul.]

Theodoricus; Scanning the area for new threats, there no longer are any. The other soldiers managed to kill the last Ork, though many seemed to not know what to do. Looking each trooper over, its clear that all but one or two have any real training; milling about not knowing what to do. The Elysians are a different story, the pair moving from greenskin corpse to corpse and either putting a blade or shot into the head to ensure the xenos are truly dead. Though battle is done there is still the aftermath to contend with, burning the Ork bodies and searching the outpost for what happened to the occupants or more trouble.

Elias and Tobias; Hauling up and out from behind the wall you are just in time to see one of the PDF troopers pelt an Ork with a trio of las bolts like an experienced sniper might. The beast topples over, dead, as the space marine slams the last Ork into ground, saving another trooper in the process. No more hostiles does not mean its over though, Orks have a tenacious habit of getting up when they should be dead. With practiced ease, you make way to the corpses and either stab or shoot the dead Orks in the head; sooner than later these corpses will need to be piled up and burned as well.

[Theres still much to be done, do you gather the troopers and pile the bodies, search the outpost or search the perimeter for more breaches, or do you halt that to gather information? After all, how did a space marine and pair of Elysians happen to come to the rescue of a group of PDF troopers?]

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