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As I pulled the trigger, the wall exploded and my shot went wide. Instinctively I pulled back from the wall and scrambled away from the hole, my las-carbine pointed in the general direction of the commotion. What burst through was unmistakably an ork, the largest of the group. He had tumbled through the wall and a murderous black fog clung to it. In the heat of the moment, I thought it was just the fumes from whatever crude explosive it had used to breach the wall. I haphazardly fired a couple of shots, expecting the ork to rise and come for us. It would cover the few paces between us in an instant and I was already on my feet ready to run, regardless of the shard of metal in my leg.

But it didn’t come for us. The black fog pinned it to the ground and the light of the battle made part of it gleam like metal. As the seconds drew on and the ork began to wail, the fog took on a more corporeal form. I was relieved to see this incarnation of violence was aligned with us. But as it drew a growling sword almost as long as I was tall, as I heard its deep growling voice, as I stood to its full height and its red eyes pierced the dim light of the building, I knew that there were worse things in the galaxy than orks. I was terrified of this monster.

One of the off-worlders yelled at us and just like that, the armour-clad behemoth was gone. Out to enact more unspeakable violence presumably. I steadied myself again and returned to my post at the window frame. The building was considerably less secure now that it had a gigantic hole in the side, but any measure of protection between me and the munitions of the orks was a blessing. Incredibly, this black-clod hurricane covered the entire court-yard in nothing more than a couple of strides and careened into another ork. After seeing the work it had done on the previous ork, I knew enough to know this one didn’t stand a chance.

The off-worlders were running to join the fray, and Liam was taking pot shots. I heard the quite mewling of Zach beside me and the dust marked the tracks where tears had fallen. He was at his breaking point. I’d seen fear swallow men on deck before, paralyzing them rather than motivating them to move faster and stay alive. “We’ll get through this, stay with me.” I whispered. Zach would hear but over the roar of battle no one else would know his shame. All I could offer was the small measure of stability I had to share. I took aim on the only ork left alive in the courtyard. I aimed for its bare-chest. Despite the layers of sinew and bone between the skin and where its heart should be, I was confident my las-carbine would be able to get through with a few good hits. Plus, there was a better chance I would hit and not was ammunition. As the battle began to reach its conclusion, my own gun added its bark to the cacophony of death…

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