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Huh. Immolator gets a buff, unexpected... especially since it's still unavailable. Calling it now that the Razorback is going to get the same. Emperor forbid that the Sisters have a better toy than the Space Marines, never mind that it costs 10 points more.

The rest is mostly clarification of things already expected... Relics for instance. Canonesses kicking ass and taking names is just not going to happen in the current Codex, as far as I can tell the Command Squad and its Banner are really the only reason to bring one. Celestine and Battle Santa are just better value overall

The new version of Psi-shock does actually make a Condemnor worth considering, I feel. Still very situational compared to an additional Meltagun, but it's distinctly more usable now.

@MidnightSun , I've Been Expecting You works just fine I think. It's fantastic Area Denial against deep strikes ruining your day... Nobody wanting to risk it is the entire point

Silly question, but speaking of Inquisitor Coteaz, didn't he have a rule to make everything Inquisition scoring units? What's the point of that if "all units in Codex: Inquisition are scoring units"? Did I miss a Codex update or did they just buff Inquisition overall a bit with this?

Psychotroke grenades against (superheavy) Walkers: Bit of a WTF moment for me as it never occurred to me they'd even WORK on vehicles. But (superheavy) walkers do appear to be fair game. Dammit Mechanicus, lemme teach you about air filters...

I'm vaguely amused that every Q&A on the Assassins is for the Culexus, and all the other ones need no clarification...

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