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Dwah’hadeen Al’Thore sat on his seat, across from a seemingly talkative lad named Brynnjarr. His ears being filled with every small sound, or the loud one of Brynnjarr as his microbead vox was off. The descending vessel traveling off of the earth below reminding him as it always did of how the earth was of solid rock, and much better than the weakness of the air and vacuum of space. His eyes tracing the lines on his helmet as he put it on, his expressionless mouth the last thing to be seen as it was covered with a hiss and click as the helmet began to pressurize to seal the suit. This followed by the sudden proposition of his loud mouthed brother in arms made him consider taking his helmet off again just to antagonize the man. His microbead turning on so he could hear the other Scions, Tempestor, and the Prime speaking it was suddenly clear that a new development had occurred. The Tempestor commenting to both Saul and himself to grab a flamer unit. With a simple nod Dwah took off his harness and followed the rail to the weapons locker. Fluidly and simply picking out his gear and strapping the flame canister to his back with a simple clasp. His other hand going to lift the nasty end of the device, looking at the intricate design of the flamer and holding it in a gloved palm as he moved back to his seat, his gear clanking at his side as the grenade packs jingled and his hellpistol was hanging in the leg sling. Common craftsmanship, nothing special, simple promethium, useful enough, nothing to note. His thoughts moving through his head as if a machine before hearing the voices of urgency from Squad Thunder, a hand instantly moving to grab the railing as the valkyrie banked and reminded him of some harsh emergency actions.

With the aircraft reaching the drop he moved to the front of the ramp right behind Kharis, his eyes gleaming under his helmet as he watched the rear door for it to drop. The orders of non- lethal engagement going through his head as the final seconds before the ramp dropped. The knowledge of the earth under him once again a comfort as he stormed right out of the machines cold belly. The earth around him shifting due to the engines pushing of dust into the air, and smog of the flames by him not going through as his filtered systems kept him focused and eyeing the large horde in front of him. An ogryn in the ranks catching Dwah’s eyes before they returned to the men in front of him, his feet shifting to brace for a jet of flame to smash against the ground. The heat of the nozzle and liquid Promethean burning the surface of the earth to leave a black mark so that the assailants in front of him had to jump back, halting from the sudden scorching sensation on their skin. His attention quickly flicking to his far left to see Squad Thunder and one of his brothers moving back from an injury. A sudden twitch of emotion showed along his upper lip for a sneer. His stance now set so that he would be braced for a tackle and his weapon held low so that it aimed only at the ground. A loss of flame coming from the other section of the squad in his visor informing him that the other flamer wielding Scion had loosed and set aflame a section of the mob. The first word other than prayer aimed at Saul, “Bloody fool.”

His mind switching fast as he calculated the cost of engagement with his weapon before deciding. His aim low as his simple thought braced his mind for the shrieks he would now hear. The can serve the Emperor without legs, as servitors or examples. His weapon loosing now so that the extreme heat of the now ignited gas spread along the ground and on the legs of the oncoming crowd in a long arc the hit all of the men he could in range. His face a stern look to the sudden increase in color before him as the ground was set ablaze like hellfire. His waist the only part of him having moved. His black armor shining nearly demonically in the flames of the burning legs of those in front of him.

May the wheel turn as the wheel wills and may we not be caught in so many threads we cannot help but turn it ourselves.
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