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Since we got Adeptus Mechanicus and Agents of the Imperium, I hope we get Astra Militarum next

On-topic, the Culexus being a big ol' 'fuck you' to Markerlights is fun and confirmation that he can't sit in a transport and screw up psykers with that is a pretty good change, Coteaz is I guess slightly buffed (I've literally never seen I've Been Expecting You actually work - nobody's been stupid enough to risk it - but blowing up a Raider and then getting to take a pop at the Wraithguard inside is pretty cool. Don't think it matters for anything else though). Plasma Siphon gets expanded out a *little bit*, but still garbage, and a tad arbitrary on what counts as plasma (Bio-Plasma bad, Starcannon good?). Sisters of Battle stuff is kind of hooray, maybe? I'm sure the three Sisters players can give a better opinion. Immolators getting a fire point is cool for added burnination. Tempestus Scions FAQ clarifies that if you're a big dumb idiot with a moron face, you probably shouldn't ask your big dumb idiot questions.

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