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Originally Posted by Knockagh View Post
I like the limited editions but it's way way overkill at the minute, it's becoming impossible to read the new releases never mind buy a limited ed every week. Sometimes two. I'm afraid they will kill the market for them pretty quickly if it keeps up for much longer. Cassius hasn't sold very well and the Cain books which would have, I think, sold out immediately if they weren't on the back of 3 other box sets, still haven't sold out.

Love BL and limited eds just wish they would pace themselves a little more.
Exactly. I have been buying all the WH40K and HH limited editions and boxed sets, but one, sometimes two a week for like a month in a row is really pushing it over the limit. I have no problem buying a fancy limited edition now and then, I quite like them even, but the pace at which they have been dropping these things as of late is really taking the piss. Not even the Horus Heresy limited editions which used to sell out in literally half an hour seem to be going all that hot on the market anymore, considering the last four they have released are all still in stock and available for order.

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