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Originally Posted by Brother Lucian View Post
Originally Posted by Doelago View Post
If this is yet another limited edition then they are really pushing the limits here...
Tbh, ive stopped caring about LEs. As its been proven, they will eventually make it as a main series numbered release. So I am wondering how they are going to treat Meduson, since the fourth book in the current queue hasnt been released yet, ie Angels of Caliban. So I do worry its going to get the LE treatment.
I like the limited editions but it's way way overkill at the minute, it's becoming impossible to read the new releases never mind buy a limited ed every week. Sometimes two. I'm afraid they will kill the market for them pretty quickly if it keeps up for much longer. Cassius hasn't sold very well and the Cain books which would have, I think, sold out immediately if they weren't on the back of 3 other box sets, still haven't sold out.

Love BL and limited eds just wish they would pace themselves a little more.
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