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Wait new LOTR stuff??? I thought GW were trying to bury that harder than fantasy! Definitely looked like a really good event. I'm aslo really glad to see that GW aren't so hush hush about future releases anymore, and are willing to tease what they are planning.

Very happy Warhammer Fest seems to be shaping up like the GamesDays of old, looking forward to actually being able to go.

Me: To be honest im amazed there isn't a chaos god of not revising or at least chaos god of procrastination

MidnightSun: There will be, when enough people do it. Y'know when the Eldar were all engaging in their hedonism and Slaanesh ripped open the Eye of Terror with his creation? Slaanesh will have NOTHING on the God of Procrastination, and his vile minions will carve the galaxy asunder in a thousand year reign of blood.... Tomorrow
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