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We do have a primarch that has facial hair: Jaghatai Khan. Everyone just forgets about him (something even his first feature HH book pokes fun at in a tongue in cheek sort of way).

I'm going to have to agree with gen.ahab in that Russ should not have a beard (mostly since he never has had one in lore). Although, his hair could be a lot thicker/mane-like with braids, his top knot, and some thick side burns running down his jawline/braids at the temples.

If any primarchs were to have facial hair (besides the poor forgotten Khan) I would have to go with Ferrus Manus with a short, rough beard. What little we know about him seems to lead to a very 'rough' personality. I could see Fulgrim sporting an insanely intricately styled, close cropped beard for fun at times much like the guy from the Hunger Games movies. I can also picture Angron with a rough, blood and spittle-spattered goatee. Corax, I could see sporting a tight soul patch.

I can't picture Dorn with facial hair for some reason.

You have to remember also that the primarchs are (for 'immortal' beings) still very much children in a sense. So having them appear somewhat young isn't too far off the mark.
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