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Zach started to think that the building was perhaps the least safe place of the entire outpost, as for the third time the group inside was disturbed by a terrifying crash. This time, the poor structure was unable the onslaught it had to endure, and one of the walls collapsed inward. Zach came to regret his reflexive look at the duo that had caused this third moment of destruction, as the cloud dust from the walls hit him right in the face. The dust bit down on his eyes and throat, blinding him and starting a coughing fit that would last a while. His discomfort was, the least of his worries however, as he was sure that the creatures that had burst into the room would surely kill him in his state of defencelessness. He pressed himself against the wall beneath the window, with tears streaming down his face, and tried to at least gasp for air while he still could in between the coughs.
He was not killed however, and slowly his coughing subsided. His throat ached, and his voice was hoarse and raspy, but at least he could breathe regularly again. Whatever had burst into the room had left, and as far as he could see with his watery eyes, had left the rest of them intact.
The men they had found here were already shooting at the things outside, and shouting at everyone else to do the same. Zach turned around and steadied himself at the window again. Outside were only blurry shapes, and Zach wiped his fingers through his eyes once more. He looked again, and the blurry shapes had become figures again. He saw the outer walls, the dead in the courtyard, and two of the aliens still alive. He tried to aim for them, but was too afraid that he might hit the men they were fighting to pull the trigger. Everything moved so fast, and the itch still in his throat could cause his aim to waver at the wrong moment.
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