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I don't know if I ever wrote Orks before, but I appreciate the compliment! I wanted them to feel horrifying to the average person and I'm glad that came across.

EDIT: And completely unrelated to the previous bit above... I recently remembered some rather imfamous commercials and it brought on an idea. I apologize in advance.

She found Canoness Gilda standing on the shore, staring out at the burning sea, the only remaining sign of the heretical landing craft that had met their demise under heavy firepower of the order's Exorcist tanks and Retributor squads.

"Yes my child?" The older woman's ability to sense her so easilly startled the young novice, but she did not shirk from her.

"Canoness, I've come seeking your wisdom."

Though the young girl could not see it, the older woman's eyebrow raised over her only eye, the other having been carved out by a xenos infected cultist some decades before. "Please do not be afraid and speak."

"Do- do you ever feel not so faithful?"

The older woman turned, a surprised look on her face and the young girl took a step back.

"I mean, do you sometimes feel like you're not as faithful as you could be?"

The woman's face softened, the hardness in her face gone as she wraps an arm protectively around the young girl's shoulder, "Walk with me while I talk about blind fanaticism to the God-Emperor and what it can do for you."

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