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Krak abuse was probably a bit strong, in my defence I am pretty pissed off about the really very solid nerf that we've suffered, yet again.

As to points cost, one truck full of 10x tankbustas and a nob with no bomb squigs and a reinforced ram?
193 points.

For a unit as fragile, but as lethal as it was, that was well worth it. You could strip off a couple of Hull with some lucky shooting on the way in, and if you weren't exploded and mob ruled to death, you could wreck face very effectively.

Usually though it's a 5 man mob, no nob in a truck, for about 100 points, but if you got hit by literally anything from bolters upwards, the unit is gone.

I tended to run my bust as in 2 mobs of 10, with squigs, in the slightly more resilient gunwagon for about 150 points a go. 2 of those would most likely take on a knight, but I would lose at least one wagon and most likely a large wedge of Boyz.
Lots of people would run 3 trucks with a bare mob of 5 bustas in each, so roughly 300 points devoted to taking on heavy and super heavy machinery and tough stuff.

Not exactly the most OP units in the game.

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