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Originally Posted by loki619 View Post
coz 1 on the marine players has 5 knights and no1 on the other has any superheavys
Oh, man, that sure does sound like it'll make for a totally one-sided game, how overpowered...

If they want to play it straight RAW, or as close as possible; not an uncommon attitude among gamers, even in Apocalypse; then that's fine. Run your CSM using Space Marine rules if you really want to have Drop Pods and stuffs. You won't be able to use Raptors instead of Assault Marines, or Havocs instead of Devastators, but something tells me one wouldn't shed too many tears over that (oh, no, I have to give up my Autocannons so I can have ATSKNF and Grav Cannons! Woe!). If the most terrifying thing they have is a Baronial Court... that's well underneath the potential power levels of Apocalypse. I doubt they're playing because they want you to have a terrible time and just faceroll you.

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