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Why over explain lore? Because I think it's fun. I mean I am same person who spent the better part of a day researching the Imperium's rough population to try and work out a realistic number of Sisters of Battle for the setting. Stuff like this is what I do.

And lengthenibg the short leg on the Y just seems like it's have less possible ways to wrong than lengthening the legs on the X beyond what it is. The body could read an X chromosome (even if it was essentially a fake X made to trick the body into running additional instructions) over expecting it to read a gene it's not designed to read. Additionally regular Marines require no voodoo or else they would need psykers or sorcerors to create instead of apothocaries.

One fluff justification I think Insawfor the lack of female Marines is that it's to keep the Marines tied to humanity, to be dependent on them so they could never breed on their own and become completely devoid of their human roots or reject those they protect.

Which is an arguement I like, but I also like my gene one too.
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