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Default Continuation

Vaelian didn't even remember when he moved, but the next thing he knew was that he was shoving bodies aside left and right to not slow down too much, though it also made way for Delius right behind him. And the last thing he wanted to was helping this guy take the thing he wanted. This wasn't about ruining another man's life anymore, this was something personal, it felt like something personal.
“Slow down, you idiot! It won't help you to get there first, you'll just make it-” Vaelian didn't pay any attention to what was said, his body moved on its own and he was completely fine with that, self control was for those who didn't trust their instincts enough to handle the situation. His hand struck forward while his elbow crushed the skull of a nearby woman who wanted to slip past him and he could already feel the tickling sensation of that black skin on his own, but when his fingers almost closed around the creature's arm, he stumbled over some humans that crawled around on the floor and almost lost his balance. And the only thing he had earned for his sudden clumsiness was an amused smile before the thing slipped out of his grip and moved backwards to evade all other hands reaching out for it.

It was at that point that Vaelian knew he couldn't win this game with his speed alone. It wasn't like Cestus said, this... demon, whatever it was, wasn't their plaything, it was exactly the opposite. It had fun seeing them chase it around, watching them struggle to even touch it and avoiding all their attempts so easily.
“For god's sake, Vaelian, grab it!” He didn't even have a split second to react until he felt a sudden weight pressing him down a little and realized that the creature had escaped its shrinking safe space with jumping onto his shoulders, but he moved to slow and missed his chance to grab its ankle as soon as it attempted to jumped again.
“Listen, you chase it and I'll circle around to cut it off! Just don't let it get on the chandelier!” So that he'd have no choice but to leave all the fame and glory to Delius? Not in this life and everything that happened afterwards! There had to be a system, a certain pattern in its way while it jumped, cartwheeled and flung itself over the screaming and crying masses with the most precise, yet artistic movements and laughed at their fruitless tactics. And another five minutes passed until he fully understood what was going on.

It had let him come so close that he had almost been able to touch it everytime, it only slipped out of his grip at the last possible second and then smiled at him to drag him into another chase, but also with a hint of disappointment. It wanted him to catch it. He was the one it most craved for in this play.
The only touch that would last longer than a few seconds, the only person that would keep holding it no matter what and this creature wanted him to be said person. It liked him and only him, no one else would be able to catch it, no matter what happened, no matter how much they would chase after it.
His lips curled back and a more than satisfied grin made its way on his face. He had managed to ruin Delius' aspirations with his mere existence, with his sole presence in this game and it was Delius himself who was responsible for this mess by inviting him. This night just got better and better, he didn't even mind when Cestus pushed him aside to take part in yet another chase.
“Damn it, what are you doing Vaelian?!”
“What does it look like, I'm taking a little break.”
“You what?!”
“You heard me right.” He didn't bother reacting to Delius' anger, reacting would mean dignifying it with a response and he wasn't really in the mood for that. Instead, he took his time spotting the ideal moment when the creature passed by to continue while the other man tried to grab it somehow.
“Whatever this thing promises, it's not going to be worth my time.”
“Suit yourself, asshole!”

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