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Default Continuation

"What kind of event were you talking about, Delius?" It had just now occurred to him that Delius had been talking all this time while he had spaced out to escape all these words that meant so little to him in general. At least when they came out of someone else's mouth.
"You've been gone for too long, things have changed. For the better, might I add, it was starting to get boring in here anyway!"
"For god's sake, Delius! Just tell me already and maybe I'll consider teaming up with you." It was strange how easy these three letters passed his lips after all these centuries of bringing the enlightenment of the Imperium of Man to those who praised false gods. And now it had turned out that those worshipers hadn't been wrong at all, what a delightful twist, the irony didn't even taste bitter on his tongue.
"We call it The Hunt. It's a simple game, you just need to catch something and hold it up for everyone to see, that's it, you win. But you should probably catch it alive, just saying."
"And what if I don't?" Delius' facial muscles tried to go for a grin, though it only made his carved smile widen a little and the hooks drew fresh blood.
"Then you're in for a surprise."

"I suppose it's nothing easy to catch if you need me for it, huh?" After all, this was not about teamwork, rarely any of them worked as a team at all, Delius just wanted him to do the dirty work and thought he would seriously fall for this trick.
"It's not easy at all, yes. Even the mortals participate, they clog the way with their useless bodies everytime! Can't stand it, made me lose three times already!"
It was at this point that Vaelian noticed the look in the other man's eyes and realized that it wasn't some kind of game to him, it wasn't something just to pass the time and the boredom, Delius desperately wanted to win this hunt. He wanted it so much that Vaelian felt a delightful shiver of ecstasy at the thought of taking this from him at the first try. Delius would hate him forever, but that was something he could live with, at least their feelings would be mutual then.
"What do they give out as a price for catching that... Whatever it is? Must be something worth of letting oneself be humiliated like that over and over again."
"And what does everything contain?" Delius merely shrugged.
"Everything, I guess. Look, all I know is that Kalimos once won and wanted a unique, powerful weapon and now he has that weird whip. Then Marius Vairosean won and now he has his little squad of Kakophonii! I'm not sure if everything truly means everything, but who cares, that's good enough for me."
"In that case, why doesn't the Phoenician participate as well?" It wasn't really a surprise to see Delius be uncertain about something, that man was confident in all the wrong places and didn't bother adjusting his faults.
"He did once, after it had showed up in here a few times already. The thing was, he didn't have to play at all, it just stood there and looked at him, made it almost too easy and I really thought it would try to trick him somehow. But no, it just continued to stare at him and let itself get caught. No one really knows what the primarch demanded that night, but it knows a lot of things and my guess is that it told him quite some delicate secrets in return."

So that was his goal for tonight. Vaelian would not only crush Delius' pathetic, little dreams under his boot, but also catch this thing without any effort at all. And after that he'd be the one that everyone else wanted to surpass, though the gods probably already knew he'd never let anyone past him at all.

“And what are you going to wish for, Delius? I mean, you seem to have a plan for this, at least tell me what you want if you finally win.”
“I'll make it tell me the locations of the most valuable planets. Can you imagine what treasures lie beneath these colours of the warp? It's going to be worth the troubles!” Well, that was boring, but what did he expect from a simple mind such as Delius? He didn't even try to be interesting one bit, not even the slightest thing about him was unique or different compared to all the others around here. What a waste of air...
“I see you're both participating in the hunt this time. Hope you realize that it's futile to get in my way though.” Vaelian turned around face Cestus' bulky figure. He didn't know what that guy's problem was, but it somehow bothered him that Cestus didn't seem to find it necessary to take of his helmet, not even for a few minutes. It made him curious about something he shouldn't bother with and would probably turn out to be of trivial matters anyway.

“And you should know that I'm way faster than both of you, this is going to be over before it even started.” For a split second, he caught Delius looking at him with obvious suspicion, he probably already doubted that Vaelian would keep true to their teamwork and guarantee him an easy win, but did he sign a contract somewhere? He was free to do whatever he wanted and that mainly consisted of leaving Delius in a pool of his own blood and tears, just for the hell of it. People that always needed a reason to justify their actions were only afraid to do the wrong thing, he wasn't like that, he knew exactly what he wanted and that he would succeed.

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