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Default The 16th Hour

The 16th Hour
Word Count: 1090

The shadows played just out of range to be visible...the sounds clear as day in his head. "Push harder you maggot!" he heard his sergeant yell.

The feelings of intense pain coming and going, his body numb then suddenly in full shock from pain. "Cover the west damn you!" he heard his sergeant yell again.

He had no idea where he was but felt as though he was moving. Blurry glimpses of a star filled sky coming and going.Where am I, am even alive??he thought.
He began to feel the pain more and more, then it began to fade away. The star filled sky becoming familiar. He was beginning to come to. "Don't die on me you bastard!"

The world seemed as to explode with life once more. Larn took a massive gulp of air as he came to and began looking around. "Thank the Emperor he's conscious!" said the medic next to him.

Larn began to look around trying to get his bearings; he was laying flat on a stretcher and was moving. Soldiers all around him running past him, it only took him a second to realize they were heading into the fight and he was being taken away from it.

“Where are we going?” He asked as he tried to sit up, the pain still there but felt as though it was dulled. “Away from the death.” Replied the medic, he was running next to Larn’s stretcher trying keep up and seal up the wound at the same time.

Larn looked down, unable to determine how big or bad the wound was. “Stop, let me off, I feel fine. I need to get back to my squad!” he demanded

“Of course you FEEL fine; we pumped you with so much pain killers your heart almost stopped! You’re not going anywhere!” yelled the medic not looking away from his wound for a second.

“Obviously we are under attack and I need to get back to my squad! We are on the first line! If that falls this whole dame place falls!” he retorted.

“Your squad is dead! The front line is falling as we speak!” the medic yelled now staring into Larn’s eyes.
He couldn’t believe it, everyone? Dead? Then he felt his stomach drop, he felt almost sick once he realized what he was hearing. The most distinct whistling sound he had ever heard before, friendly fire.

The medics stopped, the one in the front turned to meet the eyes of the medic treating Larn’s wounds.
“GET DOWN!!” The medic yelled dropping the stretcher to the ground. Larn now falling to the ground was beaten by the artillery round.

The deafening explosion was all Larn had heard, then once again blackness.
The world coming to slowly, the pain rushing back to him, not to be dulled any longer and making up for being dampened before.

“Blar fu mokey?” The voice sounded as though it was underwater. The feeling of hands on his soldier and side as the world was rotated around him.

“Are you okay!?” The voice screamed, now audible.
“What happened?” questioned Larn as he began to feel around his chest in search of new wounds. His stomached dropped once more when he touched his right thigh and nearly passed out from the pain.
“Easy man, you guys were right next to a stray artillery round! I wouldn’t go moving around if I was you!” The soldier had yelled.

More soldiers began to show up around them, the sounds of battle growing louder. A soldier kneeled down next to Larn, he had a comms unit on his back. “Here, let’s get you turned around!” he said as he began to lift and turn Larn to point towards front lines. The pain making Larn cry out.

“How bad is it?” Larn questioned now realizing that he was quite a distance from what once was the front line.

“Its getting pretty sporty, first line collapsed completely! Command is all over the board on what to do!” The solder replied as he handed Larn his lasrifle. “Give them hell was the last order we received!” Laughed the soldier as he shouldered his rifle and sprayed fire into the oncoming horde of greenskins.
Larn could see them yet again, the hatred for them filling his body in place of pain. They were getting closer, the make shift firing line barely effecting the orks. He began firing madly into the front lines, trying desperately to help his comrades once more.

He saw a large ork making his way to the front of the enemy lines, two huge stick bombs, one in each hand. “Kill it!” Larn screamed as he began to fire at the crazed ork. The soldier who had helped him noticed this and began to target the same ork.

The fire barely slowing him down, then one shot landed dead square between the monster’s eyes. The huge body going limp, falling towards the ground as the stick bomb in his right hand went flying towards the soldiers.

It landed not 15 feet from Larn and his new friend. The soldier dove on top of Larn to protect him from the blast.

Once more the ringing returned to Larn’s ears. He looked up, the soldier still lying on top of him coming to at the same time.

“What is our coordinates!?” yelled Larn
The sounds of battle at the loudest point yet. There was only a handful of soldiers around them now, trying desperately to fight for every second of life.

“What is our coordinates!?” He asked again shaking the soldier who was still numb from battle.
“ugh, um…sector…I think…” The soldier stumbled
“Think dammit! This is our last act!” Yelled Larn
“err…sector…sector 2 43 by 12!” He answered

Larn grabbed the speaker for the comms unit on the soldier’s back, a glance towards the front line proving his worst thoughts a reality. The greenskin bastards were nearly through, no stopping them now.

Larn lifted the speaker to his mouth, time seemed to stand still. “Broken line in sector 2 43 by 12. I repeat broken line…” He said into the speaker.

Larn looked up his gaze meeting the soldier who had helped him, the realization of what was about to happen now showing on his face. “How many hours you been planetside?” he questioned.
The soldier not knowing how to answer stumbled. “I…I landed this morning.” He finally answered staring at Larn. “You?”
“I stopped counting after fifteen hours.” He replied with a smile.

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