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Name: Dwah’hadeen Al’Thore (Dwah)

Age: 28: Standard Terran Years

Gender: Male

Description: Standing at 6’2” He is of a good height, yet with his height also comes his bulky body of toned muscle. The chords of flesh on his body not bulking out but looking sinuous and finite but as strong as any other. The hands of Dwah being callused and large, those of someone who works constantly at cleaning and refining himself. His complexion is a nice simple complexion of a smooth brown, only marred by a pair of burns on his hands due to an incident with the fires of his homeworld Nocturn. Sharing aswell a pair of dark brown eyes that seem as if stone, the only light in them the white sclera. His hair gone entirely as it was simply flammable and impractical in reality on his world. Dwah’hadeen’s face is a constant rock of blank expression, all hard angles as if a stone of a man. The only facial movements are those seen in the mouth, and rarely at that. The only bright part of his body being the golden yellow tattoo of dragon scales up his arms and a flame in a chalice on his lower back, those themselves marred with scars of cuts and only outshined by the bone necklace of dragoon teeth around his neck and the pair in his ears. Trophies or decoration they still gleam and are sharp enough to be used as a blade. Dwah’s armor is basic in design except for the color of the armour being a dark black with a dark green accents along the shoulder pads. One pad having the inquisitorial symbol on it and the other a flame in dark yellow.

Personality: His personality is hard and closed off. Preferring to hide his emotions and work as if a machine. Following orders to the dime if he can and only changing the plan if it makes his work more bloody. His fighting style is one that is implacable from where he was assigned and unstoppable in assault. Usually the vanguard of the unit he will not stop unless forced to by a hail of gunfire. The only quirk to his personality is his attention to detail and respect for the finest and most artisan weapons he can find. Not exactly hoarding but writing down in detail the machinations of the device.

History: Following the drafting of the Regimentum, he was raised at a young age to join the Tempestus Scions, at first on his homeworld of Noctrun and was drafted by a passing Inquisitor whom also shared the apparent flare for enigmatic weapons. Fighting in multiple small conflicts and following his Inquisitorial master whom raged a campaign against the Eldar of Craftworld Biel-Tan. Dawh continued to fight with this Inquisitor until his captain was decapitated by well placed shot of an Eldar Ranger. The blood of his friend and commander spilling over his face, caused his anger to rise for the blood of all Eldar.

Wargear: Hellgun, Hellpistol, Combat knife, Frag grenades (3), Krak grenades (2), Carapace Armour complete with enclosed helmet.

May the wheel turn as the wheel wills and may we not be caught in so many threads we cannot help but turn it ourselves.

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