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10 Wyrdvane Psykers with Commissar and level 2 Primaris Psyker, all from the Psykana Division, Tigurius and 4 level 2 Librarians in a Conclave, all get into a Land Raider and fish for Iron Arm, Warp Speed and Endurance from Biomancy, Might of Heroes and Veil of Time from Librarius, and Electroshield from Fulmination.

What have we created? We get a squad of Str7 T8 I8 A7 Guardsmen with rerollable Storm Shields, 4+ FnP and knuckles that punch harder than a plasma cannon. Bonus points if you pick up Null Zone (Storm Shields won't save ya now bitch!) or Fists of Mighty Electric Punching (7 attacks per Guardsman, for a total of 70 attacks, 35 hits at Str7 AP2 and 70 hits at Str5 AP-)

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