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Default Brotherhood of Psykers and Independent Characters

A. When a unit with Brotherhood of Psykers casts a psychic power that affects 'the psyker', is the whole unit affected? I.e. Iron Arm.

Assuming that the answer is 'the whole unit gains the benefit':

B. Tigurius joins a unit of Wyrdvane Psykers. Tigurius has the Might of Heroes psychic power. He casts this, but as the Brotherhood of Psykers rule begins with 'Any unit containing at least one model with this special rule', does he essentially become part of the Brotherhood and give every model in the unit the power, as 'the unit' is casting it (Independent Characters being treated as part of the unit to which they are joined to all intents and purposes)?

Because if he does and I can put up Warp Speed from the Wyrdvanes and Incantation of Electric Punching plus Electroshield from Tigurius and get 6 attacks each on the charge with exploding hits, that's absolutely dope. Alternatively, Iron Arm plus Might of Heroes for a squad of Guardsmen with S7 T8 I5 A3.

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