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I'm not sure if you're serious or taking the proverbial piss.

Granted, GW have done a bad job releasing White Scars models and apparently have done fuck all with their history. Both are a shame because the white scars have been in the game since rogue trader.

As for "hating" or marginalizing the scars because they're Chinese is silly.

First, because the scars aren't Chinese. They're based on Genghis Khan's Mongol horde and possibly on other related nomadic horsemen like the Tatars. Those guys were badass. They conquered most of the known world (e.g. Eurasia) at the time. The faces of the two guys appear to match the mustache styles of ancient Tatars and Bulgars who were known for extravagant mustaches. It's a pity that haven't made more faces though.

Second, if anything it's a matter of GW focusing their marketing on the armies that look more like their player base.

Third, being fast was a hallmark of Mongol warfare.

If the language piece is accurate that might signify some sort of discrimination or ugly stereotype.

If not serious. . . ?

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