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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
We get it. You don't like the series or ADB all that much.
No, sir, I do not think you truly do.

He has wrote a decent book or two. Just not this one.

What happened to good old books from Lee Lightner? Those two authors are great... not just because I personally know one of them and he teaches me to paint, but him and his partner write classics.

I just find it funny that the times change and with it so do people's "taste" in stories. It's almost like music. I just really can't stand the idea of "acceptable" novel ideas dropping in scale, so to speak. It seems Black Library tends to produce novels that are liked by the newer generations; and sometimes to keep up with said generation and their tiny intellectual properties, the storylines dwindle to compensate.

It saddens me with every coming novel. However! I still have hope for the future, and therefor I still buy their books!

Too be honest, I was just being a little over dramatic. He has some good books, he's not all that bad. I know BL basically tells him what to write, but I don't think he should stoop to their level! Don't give in to the MAN!

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