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Originally Posted by Dark Apostle Marduk View Post
Key words there. :D They are in more than one novel, bud. Thanks for the input though!
But there is only one ADB

I however put "The Unburdened" into my "to read list" (even if I fear that this book has principally been written as a support to the "Betrayal at Calth" game and that I would somehow be disappointed by the second batch of Gal Vorbak compared to the original ones).

Coming back to the real subject, now, "The Tormented" seems to be the closest formation to FW Gal Vorbak, but it remains rather expensive :

- The Daemon Prince can be set up as it is often used into "hardest" CSM lists (flying, mark of Nurgle, psyker 3) for a cost between 250 and 315 points (the latter with psyker 3 and an artefact like the Skull of Ker'ngar),

- The Possessed probably become the best melee troops of the Codex (except for the lack of offensive grenades, which is probably the most frustrating feature with them), even if they are still quite fragile for their cost. It's possible to strengthen them with marks of Khorne or Slaanesh and their related Icons, and VotLW is useful for their Ld test each turn (for a cost between 130 and 170 each, for only 5 Possessed in each squad),

- The main issue, as far as they don't use the "Crimson Slaughter's Slaves to the Voices" table, is to bring them into melee (preferrably at turn 2). That can be done with Landraiders (extremely expensive, because 2 of them are needed), FW Drop Pods (when allowed, making them even closer to the Gal Vorbak Rite of War in 30k) or by choosing Huron or Ahriman as Warlord of the army (allowing the infiltration of 1D3 units).

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