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Name: Brynjarr Hjalmarsson

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Description: Built like a tank and standing at an impressive 6'9". Brynjarr wears his hair closely cropped to his head along with a decently kept beard. where the right side of his face should be lies a a massive burn scar from the near miss of a tau pulse rife round gained during fighting in the Damocles crusade. across the sides of his head are various tattoos of his home planet's culture, which appear almost tribal in origin. These same tattoos run down his arms and chest stopping in intricate knots on his wrists and abdomen. On the chest piece of his carapace armor is a small stylized imperial eagle fashioned much the same as his tattoos.

Personality: Brynjarr is talkative, seeking to express all of his doubts vocally and never hesitant to speak his mind. He is loyal to those who he deems worthy almost to a fault, however if judged unworthy he doesn't hesitate in explaining why that is the case, often holding them in contempt.To his fault he is a complete alcoholic, although he watches what he says when sober all measure goes out the window when inebriated, which can get Brynjarr into trouble. He drinks to combat the horror's seen in his life as a storm trooper, as such he has a tendency to be pessimistic and caustic to those around him but tries his best to remain affable. At his core he is a tortured individual with personal demons haunting his every step.

Notable engagements: Fought in the Damocles crusade where his platoon suffered heavy casualties, fought in several incursions against tyranid splinter fleets, his squads suffering heavy casualties. each time only he and several others making it out.

Let me know if anything needs changed.
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