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Default Equipping Crisis suits

Its in the name. I'm finally growing my tau into an actual army, the staple of which are always crisis suits but I was wandering what people found as the most effective way to run them? I'm mainly looking for weapon loathe actual model needs them to be put together, but general combos that you find work well would also be useful.

Generally I've noticed that asside from the riptide and the Hammerhead, low AP stuff is fairly hard to come by, and where it is available, is definitely not the most efficient way of running them (see rail rifles on pathfinders). As a result I'v generally though fusion blasters and plasma rifles are the way to go, but do I just take the one weapon on the suit? or 2? and if 2 a mix of both? Or two of the same?

Crisis suits seems to be the most customisable units in the entire game and seem effective at pretty much anything, which actually makes it quite hard to figure out what they are best at in an army.

SO simply how do you take you crisis suits and why?

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