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Hope this is alright, let me know what needs changing!

Name: Victor Saul

Age: 38 years, Terran-standard

Gender: Male

Description: Victor is a striking figure: tall, well built, and with robust, almost craggy features under sharply-cut, jet black hair. His chin juts out, his jawline like a rock, his nose bent from several breakages. His eyes are like twin brown pits, unblinking and stern. His lips are curled in a permanent semi-sneer, and thick stubble adorns his chin and neck. Victor has no tattoos, and his carapace armour is clean and unadorned but for a tiny scratched-out raven, no bigger than a man's thumb, over his right chest-guard: the only reminder of his failed screening to join the Adeptus Astartes.

Personality: Victor possesses a single-minded, almost dogged purity of purpose, kindled in him from an early age by his family to encourage him to follow his father's footsteps into the Imperial Navy, stoked by his failure to pass the Raven Guard screening test, and tempered by the Schola Progenium. He sees only his failures, striving constantly to become the very image of unaugmented perfection, secretly afraid that his only defining feature is inadequacy and determined not to die in ignominy. Victor pushes himself to the absolute limit in all things, permanently frustrated by his limitations and uncompromising in his views. This has not made him a mindless drudge: he is able and willing to communicate with and establish good relations with his fellow soldiers, but their tendency to die has prevented him from making any significant friendships over his lifetime.

History of note: Failure in the Raven Guard neophyte screening test, and subsequent discharge. As Victor was still young, he was eligible to join the Schola Progenium as his father had in the meantime passed away in service to the Imperial Navy. As a Scion, Victor has not gained high glory or fought in any especially significant conflicts, but has fought in the number of bloody battles one would expect of a Stormtrooper aged 38 against Eldar, Tau, and once a minor Chaos uprising. Otherwise no important history.

Hope that's ok - I didn't want to include much in the History as the lack of major battles/significant honours is something that drives Victor on and frustrates him further that he is unable to live up to the standards he sets himself. I also hope the Astartes rejection is ok, the secondary heart is still inside Victor but is just useless soft tissue and doesn't work: again I wanted this to be another thing that drives Victor and fuels his hidden feelings of inadequacy. But as I said, let me know what needs changing!

Edit: Oh and last thing, if the failed secondary heart is accepted it will be a secret to everyone except higher-up officers who would have access to Victor's records - he never speaks of it and it is hardly on display.

Edit 2: All references to the failed first stage surgery removed, Victor now fails at the screening test pre-implantation.

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