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Originally Posted by Brobaddon View Post
The ambush in start, does it happen at the beggining of the short story or middle? Somehow I find it hard to swallow that Infilitration experts like Alpha legion would get caught so easily in an trap sprung no less by mere Arbites. The way they fight back also suggests gun blazing all over the place, instead of trying to silently dispatch the arbites? maybe silenced bolters, etc? To fit with the theme of secrecy?
It was just a small 500 paragraph (as requested by BL). I wanted to get into a bit of action so chose this tiny bit. Hence you are right at the begining of the ambush.

I would never consider them mere Arbites... these guys are tough hombres. My character is a 25-year (service) street veteran. Trust me, they would not die easily.

The Alpha unit was caught because the Arbite road block was not expected, it was random and just set up. They (the Arbites) were not aware that Alpha Legion were operating, remember, no one at that stage knew why all the trouble was breaking out thoughout the city. My main character would spend the rest of the story trying to convince his bosses what was happening.
The smashed face piece meant he could not contact them right away. That is why I did not want the bolter round to kill him!!

Third, for some reason everybody wants to write Arbites? Why? Im genuinely interested as to why. Are they that interesting?
God yes! Having speant 25 years as a 21st century equivalent to an Arbite, I think they are very interesting indeed!!

Hope that clears up the points you raised? Thanks for the feed back.


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