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My votes:
1 Point: Myen'Tal, The Last Tempest. I liked the setup and there were some strong moments. I'm not sure the ending quite sold what was happening as clearly as it could have, I got a tiny bit lost as to why the mage didn't cast his spell and what was happening to him.

2 Points: Brother Edmund, The Quiet Life. There was a lot of atmosphere to this one, and a nice feeling of foreboding despite the word limit. It possibly could have been clearer which Titan was which at the end, since there were Warhounds on both sides, but I got it figured out on re-reading it.

3 Points: HonorableMan, The Inevitable. This one didn't really need the 40k setting to be effective, but it made good use of it anyway. The concept of soldiers going to certain death in a doomed offensive is a powerful one, and this story delivers it well.

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