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Originally Posted by Euphrati View Post
So, if I am reading this correctly, you joined Heresy Online and promptly posted up an advertisement for another site for roleplaying?

I am surprised Darkreever's allowed this post to remain up.
I am not attempting to poach posters, friend. People aren't a commodity to be taken away from a board or given to another. They'll post where they want to, and on as many sites as they wish. I only wanted to reach out and make friends in the Warhammer roleplaying community and to attempt to display what I've made for any who are interested to partake. I'm not in competition with anyone, and I have every intention of posting here as a contributor to this site as well.

Originally Posted by LordNecross View Post
Too bad I am not interest in Warhammer Fantasy. A Good DnD game would be cool though. But Another site? yeah, probably not for right now. I have enough sites to manage between.
I do, however, know what you mean, Necross. Many of us have busy lives and I understand the idea of limiting the number of boards you're active on. I can't post on every board I've ever joined every single day, either. But, if you ever find yourself with some spare time, consider Darker Days in addition to Heresy Online!

Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
I don't know, I think you all have done a good job on this one.
Thank you very much! I appreciate that!

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