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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
I don't subscribe to him being in their for a lot longer. I just think the result of the Heresy, the defeat and subsequent events justify his change just fine. I've never been an Abaddon fanboy either. I didn't like him much at all before ToH, still not a Abby fanboy. I want to read more of Khayon and Lheor.

As for the cloning theory. I've personally hates that theory ever since I first heard it.
ADB's Abby is jarringly different from previous portrayals

ADB's early Lorgar is also jarringly different from his later, purposeful Lorgar.

In both cases, we don't get to follow their personal odysseys. We get a brief glimpse of Lorgar's in Aurelian.

We get even less insight into Abby' time in the Warp.

However, as readers we can accept that:

1. ADB's portrayal doesn't necessarily have to adhere to previous portrayals

2. ADB's portrayal is not irreconcilable...a few decades in the Warp after the death of your primarch and the shattering of your legion...such events would affect any marine
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