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Originally Posted by Brobaddon View Post
Im planning to go with a story about a temple assassin, preferably vindicare. Some bits on his chilhood, in what kind of environment he grew up, recruitment to schola progenium, and then training/later life as an agent.

I don't think there has been a book on a life of an assassin so I thought it may be worth a shot.
There has been at least two, to my knowledge. However, that does sound like a good plot!

Originally Posted by Brother Emund View Post
Khan... can I just say... The Diary of Kharn the Betrayer. Made me laugh. You have some serious mental health issues!
They would not let me give you any more Rep, so here is my own 100 Rep anyway!

I am submitting my summary and 500 word mini-mini-story. It involves the Alpha Legion.
Here goes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Brother Emund: Anything is better than nothing. Far too many people worship the corpse emperor. They think they are the "good guys", however they are the ones who follow the hypocrit. The guy who decided it best to toy and betray the true gods! He took it upon himself to take the gifts that were given to him by the true gods, and then run away to hide them. Yet the petty, feeble minds have to have someone to worship or they would falter!!!!

Write about that, buddy.

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