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Thanks Grim ive really been enjoying painting these.

ok so i had a long list of stuff to do round the flat today and a lot of things to get ready for my trip to the states.

so of course i spent the entire day watching youtube and painting some new models.

I started by doing 2 more Scorps still need to do the bases but brings me up to a usable squad hooray

But i spent most of the day working on a Ork killing Machine. so i worked on a war walker.
as its me of course its the old possibly lead model circa 1992 or 1994 weighs a tonne and had to pin it to the base or it would not stay.

i think the legs was a bit misshapen and is leaning forward a lot. but with double scatter lasers we should be able to thin a rampaging ork horde.

well i will be away for a few weeks for work so might not be updating for a while.
depends if i can be bothered to take something to paint with me and i think that i can't take lead items with me.... ill have to look into that .

anyway thats all for know

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