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The Diary of Kharn the Betrayer.

6:00- Woke up. NnnNnnnnHHHH! Nails biting. Garkusha greeted me. Killed Garkusha. Ate his face.
6:15- Thought I'd do my morning exercises. Killed a some slaves. I beat them to death with their own limbs. Gggrgrrkkkkk!!!
7:00- Time for some killing. Went to the bridge of the ship to find out if we'd be making planetfall this morning. Captain said we would have to wait until the afternoon as the drop pods weren't ready. Killed him.
7:05- Killed the entire deck crew. Shit...now nobody can fly the ship.
7:15- Decided to crash the ship into the planet below. Fastest way to get on with my killing.
9:36- Woke up in the wreckage of the ship. Looks like I landed in the middle of the city. Must KILLLL!!!!
9:45- Found only screaming humans. Killed them anyway. The nails bite!! GGNNKKKKK!
11:45- Ran around looking for things to kill. Couldn't find anything so I killed some trees.
12:05- Finally, the slaves to the corpse Emperor have sent out guardsmen. I killed them and ate their eyes. I allowed one of them to send off a signal for help. I hope they will send better foes. ARRRGGGHH!!!!
12:30- SKULLS! Got bored of waiting to made a castle out of corpses. Hurrr.
12:49- Drop pods inbound. Goooooood!
13:56- I ran to the location of the drop pods. Fists Exemplar. I broke them. Blood. So much blooood. There are more drop pods around here. Hungry. Must eat.
14:00- Ate a Fists Exemplar named Thamtus. Blood good.
14:32- ARRGGHHHHHH!!!!!! A kitten! The weakness of the Blood God. Khorne is powerless against the cuteness of kittens. Tried to smash it. It meowed. THE NAILSSSSS!!! GGNNNNNNNHHKKKKKK!
14:33- Kharn does not flee! Must fight....but sooo cute....arrrrrghhhhhhh.....
14:34- Losing...no.....can't.....so furry......

*End of Diary*

If BL doesn't give me a job, well, they clearly don't know talent when they see it.
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