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Would the character slots only be that of stormtroopers? Or would there be other options for Inquisitorial retinue?

The reason I ask is that if it is only stormtroopers then the rp lends itself more heavily to a kick in the door, gun bunny dakka fest rather than an investigation 'there is Heresy here, we just need to find the root of the corruption!' mystery style rp.

I mean, I'm not against some good old fashioned dakka-porn in the underhive, but i'm curious if that is what you are really going for with the concept. Take Reever's rp right now, I knew from the get go it was going to be very combat heavy (it is orks!). But when I think about an investigation story involving the =][=, I think far more social interaction and Sherlock Holmes style work with a few intense sidebars of doors being kicked in and maybe a finally of the big takedown scene.

Or are you going for more of a confirmed Xenos presence and the story is just a hunt & kill type running fight?
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