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First time I ran it was in a Crusader with a ten man HG Squad and a Chaplain involved. Predictably stomped everything it came across, but categorically HEXPENSIVE.

This is the cheaper alternative by virtue of it being stripped down to it's bare essentials, I've only recently acquired the Storm Raven so I'm still playing around with that, but generally whenever I see one with too many points tucked in it it just gets shot to pieces, so I'm running with the cheapest effective payload I can think of.

EDIT: I do have other flyers if that was the question, but it's my only flying transport.

EDIT EDIT: Biker command squad with a shooty set up plus a Libby or three is definitely on my wish list, I'm afraid I can't get over Centurions for long enough to actually buy any, so I've not been down that avenue either.

The other nasty set up I've found for RG librarians is just one tucked in a Dev squad with armour of Shadows as part of a Pinion demi-company (Unfortunately usually have to take a conclave just to get the Libby slot, and even then the conclave doesn't fit into the Talon Strike Force).

Park the Dev squad in some cover next to some scouts and hey presto, Shrouded twin-linked Dev squad with ignores cover. Gllllorious.

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