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Default Raven Guard Conclave

Hey Folks

Just thought I'd share a little conclave build I've been having a bit of fun with:

ML2 Librarian with Swiftstrike / Murder
ML1 Librarian with whatever.
ML1 Librarian with whatever.

Stick the above in a Stormraven, and roll everything on biomancy until you (hopefully) come out with Iron Arm and Warp Speed. Any left over points throw on Divination for prescience.

On the occasions it does go to plan (which most definitely is NOT always) the Swiftstrike Libby is looking at the following S7 Ini 7 AP 2 Shredding attacks:

2 Base
1 for charging
1 for CCs
3 for Warpspeed - Brings the total to 7
Flurry generates 1 hit for every successful hit, so with the re-rolls to hit from prescience it's not unlikely to generate 14 attacks (I seem to be averaging 13). Plus whatever the other Libbies deign to contribute.

Not going to suggest this belongs in tournaments, but just thought I'd share.

Alternate take: Forget the Divination rolls, stick the Raven Skull of Korvaad on one of the other Libbies and hope he dies to overwatch. Providing the charge keeps you in the bubble, this gives Hatred and Rage to your Swiftstrike Libby for an extra couple of re-rolling attacks. Obviously not great for the second charge, but there it is.
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