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Originally Posted by Kharn The Complainer View Post
And by that logic, my depiction of Kharn is equally valid, don't you agree?
I am unfamiliar about what depiction of Khârn you refer to.

Originally Posted by Kharn The Complainer View Post
I know there are contradicting accounts of who lead the first Black Crusade, but the 6th edition says it was Abaddon.
Black Crusades are a bit tricky as they both refer to Abaddons numbered ones, and then there a Black Crusade any daemon or Chaos Lord has lead. The 1st through 13th Crusades are all Abbadons.

Originally Posted by Kharn The Complainer View Post
Now, I know "THE WARP DID IT" explains any tricky problems BL and GW get into with time scales, but in most novels they state that time in the warp moves slower. In the Night Lords novels only a few hundred years have passed in the warp since the HH and they're fighting pretty much around M40.

Now we have Abaddon crusading in and out of the warp and seemlingly 10,000 years have passed in the warp but only 1000 have passed in the real space.
Actually ADB never states such a thing. The posters here all seem to think that a vast amount of time has passed which allows Abaddon to completely change his personality.
It's a common used tropé in 40k fiction, but still valid. It's not mentioned as it's more or less common knowledge now. Abnett displayed the tricks of the Warp in his first GG book when some of his men have experienced a long time, while others haven't felt the time has passed at all. The Warp exist outside our linear timeline, it doesn't go faster or slower, we just experience it differently. Doctor Who's Wibbly Wobbley-explanation is the best visual I can apply in this case.

Originally Posted by Kharn The Complainer View Post
The great thing about fanboys is that they will defend any irrational event. ADB could have Abaddon shitting rainbows and you'd all be climbing over each other to explain how it makes sense.
Or find a rational thought or theory on how it could be as it could be. I think ADB get a lot of shit, but he is very thourough with background research unlike many other authors. Frankly the clone-theory seems to outlandish to me, just like everyone is trying to make crazy ideas about Rey and how she is related to both Luke and Obi-Wan.

Abaddon wanders through the eye for an eternity. He sees things, experience things, debates with himself after all he believed in was destroyed. It seems like a big personality change from out perspective as Abaddon is portrayed in one way in books that were written 10 years ago and how his is portrayed now. The background lore updates, different authors have their personal take on things, I think this is a development that has improved a lot only.
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