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Personally I run the following:

Sergeant with TH/SS
Claw / SS
Claw / Claw
Claw / Claw

I also like to throw in a Chaplain with Swiftstrike & Murder ( RG Relics).

As I use RG CTs I almost feel obligated to run around with jump packs, but I can definitely see the potential of this squad without the packs and just throwing them in an assault transport. The build I use above is generally for dealing with anything without a 2+ save, be that either counter attacking deep striking nasties, or charging up the flank shredding things.

Any spare points just throw in a melta bomb or two. They won't solve all of your problems (Hi Wulfen!) and occasionally your opponent will decide he wants them very, very dead; but that usually just means less pain for the rest of your army, so look on the bright side.

I have played with the RG formation that lets you deep strike and charge these guys. I've only done it a couple of times, but I've generally found the psychological effect it has on your opponents play is far more valuable than the actual damage output these guys get from it -if you can pull it off.
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