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I have been reading with interest through the various posts on this thread - I have a set of the older finecast vanguard models and also a set of the newer plastic models. I was thinking of making a 10 man squad to use in my Ultramarines army. I know that this may not be very competitive but I always liked the sculpts of the finecast models and want to build and paint up a vanguard squad.

I am not sure how to loadout this squad and was thinking along the lines of:-

A front row of 5 veterans with storm shields and bolt pistols
A rear row of 5 veterans with bolt pistols and power weapons (still not sure which ones to pick)
Are plasma pistols totally out for using with this squad - as some of the finecast models come with these weapons or should I remove these?

Should the sergeant be in the front or back row?

I was thinking of using either a Chaplain with jump pack or the Lord Executioner model along with this squad?

Sorry for so many questions and not fully understanding / being confused with all the advice given in the posts.
Thanks in advance.
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