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Hey everyone! I'm new here, but have been a fan of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k for years and have always wanted to write a short story or novel in those settings. Long story short, here I am, presenting my short story idea for any constructive criticism.

Sephana's Fall
(Working Title)

The story focuses on a fairly normal human named Faris, the setting a peaceful agri-world of rolling wheat and gentle livestock called Sephana's Fall. Faris is a farmer with a wife and newborn child, living as normal a life as could probably exist in the grim-dark future. Then the Inquisition shows up with reports of daemon worshipping being conducted somewhere on the planet. Anyways, the efforts to stop Chaos from taking root fail and so actual military action must be taken. Battle-capable adults are drafted immediately into the Imperial Guard, including Faris, and he finds himself drawn into a war.

Something I'm wanting to do with this short story is show a lot of character development in Faris. Starting out he is obviously a believer in the God-Emperor and the Imperium in general, but he does not feel like he owes his very life and finds it extremely unfair when he is drafted and separated from his family.

Some examples I've already come up with include him fearing his first time going into battle, but being inspired when he meets a member of the Deathwatch. On the field of battle he witnesses horrors and heroics alike. He has a conversation with a Space Marine about family, love, and duty. At the end he is in a hopeless situation but has accepted that he is now a soldier, willing to risk his life for the Imperium like any good Guardsmen should be.

It's a little difficult to go into more detail about his development without giving actual spoilers, but there's the general idea I'm going for. What do you guys think?
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